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The Infallibles

Wes looked at the wreckage around him. Smoking mechs, scattered where they fell in one of the most viscious battles he had ever seen. He lost most of his company fighting off the invaders, who would never ize again.

Already, tech crews were salvaging what they could out of the wasted chassis. His own mech had lost an arm and there was a considerable limp caused by a damages lower leg actuator on his left side.

"This has definately not been a good week," he said wryly. "Second! What is our status?" Wes addressed his second in command, Christian 'Moose' Lee.

"well, Wes, the dropship took damage, but can be flying in about an hour. We lost sixty-percent of our company, but the invaders were wiped out and we have collected approximatly forty survivors. Mostly mech pilots and techs." Christian recited the statistics of the battle as they came up on his HUD. "We scraped this one close sir."

"Thank you, Chris." Wes opened the general comm channel and addressed what was left of his command. "Good job everyone, it was a long vicious battle. Bring all your mechs in for repair and I am giving all pilots leave except for a minimum guard to be derived from the reserve pilots. That should give them some practice. Commander Wesley Latorre, signing off."

More to come...

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