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Poetry and the meaning of life...


I feel Drawn,
to the stars.
They shine brightly, beckoning me,
into their embrace.
I must be among them.

~Wayne Dancer

Winter Morn'

Warming my hands on a coffee cup
and sippin' that bitter brew,
waitin' for my mind,
to slowly wake up.

~Wayne Dancer

My First Best Friend

We laughed together,
cried together,
fought each other,
made up to each other.
Though you were takin away,
to live with God,
We shall be with each other again,

~Wayne Dancer


Do you ever feel lost?  So totally helpless that you feel like
you may never find happiness again?  How do you cope, even react to the
opposite sex!  Can you ever trust men again?  What happens to you if
peace never comes?  Will life pass you by, will you be lost to the world? 
Never again to feel the love in your heart, for is it gone with the
past.  Has fate taken your passion for someone away because one person hurt
you so badly that you just can't open up like you use to.

Will I ever be able to love someone like I loved you.  Openly. 
Deeply.  Will I be able to share my secrets as I told you them.  Open my
heart, soul, mind, and body to them as I did for you.  Will they reject
me as you did.  Can I survive this terrible blow life has bestowed
upon me?

I think with God's help, I believe I can.  Are you strong enough
to go alone?


Dreams are meant to be followed,
not just swept aside.
If you don't follow what might be your destiny,
you may never find it.
Yet, if by chance you get a second chance,
go and make all your hearts desires come true.
For if God meant it to be,
then so let it be.

Life is a back yard pool, 
     with lights and a fence.
  I swim and float till my hearts content.
       Then when you slip on it's outer edge. 
    You fall and the water swallows you.
         You try to escape, but it strangles you.

Your beauty and charm are so rare,
no one I know can even compare.
To see your lovely smile everyday,
Would take any man's breath away.

Along with a kind and caring heart,
comes the attraction of you being smart.
To me you are perfect just the way you are,
and easily the most beautiful by far.

I write this to show you that I care,
and my feelings I'll gladly share.
You really are a dream come true,
of which there are so few.

I love to look into your sparkling eyes,
more beautiful than any two stars in the sky.
Your heart is full of kindness and love,
and I thought angels were only from the heavens above.

Some say perfection can't be true,
but they obviously haven't met you.
If you ever need a friend to talk to,
you can count on me to be there for you.
~Micheal Williams

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