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...where magic and technology meet.

The year is 2058 and magic has returned to the earth and integrates with high technology. In the shadows of the megacorporations reign the shadowrunners. Shadowrunners are specialists to help you with dirty work. The main types of runners are Mages, Shamans, Deckers who control computers with a direct nueral link, Street Samurai who are urban predators in the shadows of the corporate skyrakers, and Riggers who wire their brains directky to their vehicles.

In 2058, you either work for a corporation, or you don't. Many who do not are the dregs of society, barely scratching out an existence. Then there are the Shadowrunners, they are ghosts of the system called upon to do the dirty work that is to be kept quiet. Are you ready for a Shadowrun...?

Welcome chummer! You have found my node! Either you are very good, or very lucky. You can look around, but ask my permission to download or upload, otherwise you are in for some very rough treatment by some very nasty IC.