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Rock climbing, skiing, and mountain biking. Great sports, all of them. I got into rock climbing two years ago when I climbed the Wall at my college. After that I was hooked, I spent time with my climbing mentor Mike Welch to learn more. The knots were easy (hey, I am a former Boyscout), I have great balance and pretty good strength. But, I am not very stretchy, I am still working on that one. I have found out that most climbers are really nice people, except for the cocky ones but they don't seem to last long. My friends love to call me 'Monkey Boy' now because I climb on almost anything, trees, rock, buildings, people...

As for skiing, I have been doing that since I was six. Long time to do it, but I haven't been able to get to the slopes much in recent years. Just once or twice a year.

Heavy mountain biking is pretty recent for me. My bikes in the past have been the Old 12-speeders and BMX style. Now I romp around the Montana Badlands looking for a good trail, I usually go along with my friends who like to ride their dirtbikes (you know the really noisy bikes.)

Well, that is it for now. I just wish i had access to a scanner right now, then I would probably add those pictures I have been meaning to. Well, anyways, have a good one and remember to keep your face off of the ground.

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